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Small Network Threat Management

Shield keeps you safe online by preventing intrusions, blocking viruses, and filtering out dangerous content.


Features the same advanced threat management used by millions of businesses.


Powerful customization options for easy installation in many environments.


Includes lifetime subscription for updating of essential threat intelligence feeds.


Advanced Threat Management

Shield is a network security system designed to block cyber attacks before they reach your computer, tablets, phones, or other smart devices.

Block Intrusions

Shield has an inline intrusion prevention system to block exploits, malware, and other nasty things to keep bad guys out of your network. This is the same advanced threat protection relied on millions of businesses around the world.

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Stop Data Theft

Shield inspects all of the data coming in and going out of the network to look for signs of data theft. Connections going to networks that are known to be used for criminal activity are automatically blocked.

Prevent Account Takeover

Shield blocks malware and viruses used by fraudsters to steal credentials like usernames and passwords.


Identify Compromised Devices

Shield makes it easy to identify devices on the inside of your network that may already be compromised and blocks outgoing communication to systems known to be used by criminals.

Whole House Protection

Shield protects all of the devices connected to your smart home by acting as a gateway to control all of the internet traffic coming and going out.


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